Summary: Listing Tape devices?

From: Sun Tyro <>
Date: Tue Mar 04 2003 - 15:08:05 EST
Thanks for all the responders.  Too many to mention.  

The correct solution was to run the command:
  iostat -En 

eg: iostat -En |grep -e rmt -e DLT -e STK
rmt/0   ...
Vendor:STK  Product:  T9840B   Revision ..
 -> which implies there is one tape drive /dev/rmt/0ub of STK 
    model; It's h/w path can be got by the commands mentioned in
    my original post.
    Incidentally the iostat -En is used to list errors occuring
    in the i/o devices. Ironic, that this command is the easiest
    way to list tape devices ;-)

Other responses included:

mt status  -> doesn't work out well, since it depends on tapes 
being present in the drives; and also does not work well with 
SAN drives.

/usr/sbin/smc  ->  gui utility which is disabled on many of my 
servers. Also, not the ideal solution when a command line is 
what i am looking for.

cfgadm -alv  -> does not show any reference to rmt.

Install sysinfo from
   ->  haven't yet tried it. Wish it was a free product.

use ssciinfo tool -> haven't tried it as yet.

thanks again!

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---- On Tue, 4 Mar 2003, Sun Tyro ( wrote:

> Hi!
>    How to find out what are the model of tape drives 
> to a SUN system?? is there a command(s) equivalent 
to "ioscan -
> nkfC tape" of hpux ?
>  I need to configure tape drives for backup on couple of sun 
> systems (e4500) and my first step is to figure out whether 
> there are any DLT7000 tape drives connected to the system. 
> do i do this, without physically checking the cables and 
> tracing them?  In HP, the ioscan command lists the tape 
> devices, their paths and the model information.
>  I checked the following two commands  :
>    #prtconf |grep "st," |grep -v not
>      st, instance  #269
>      st, instance  #268
>     ->> does this mean that there are two tape drives 
>         to the system? 
>  # grep "269" /etc/path_to_inst |grep st
>   "/sbus@7,0/fce@0,400000/st@0,1"  269 "st"
> #ls -l /dev/rmt/*ub  |grep "fce@0,400000/st@0,1"
>   /dev/rmt/3ub
>   So, with the above 3 commands, i find that /dev/rmt/3ub is 
> tape drive connected to the system. How do i find out what 
> or model of drive it is?? Is it a DLT, a dat drive ?
>  Is there any easier way to do this all in one 
> thanks for the help.
> styro
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