From: John Szkudlapski <>
Date: Tue Mar 04 2003 - 05:41:54 EST
To all that replied, thanks for all your help. 

I installed the lasted GCC and Perl from SunFreeware sucessfully and now
the patches are working fine, just one more thing, I have been able to
modify the PATH for a non-root-admin account I have by editing the
.profile, how can I do the same for root, were is the .profile for root
user on solaris 9 ?, as when I do a SU from the non-admin to root, I
lose the path settings :(, don't mind putting them back in , just
wondering if there was a quick way?


John Paul Szkudlapski (Web Manager)
Computer Services - BSFC
t: +44 151 651 3720
f: +44 151 653 4419
m: +44 780 154 2033

Birkenhead Sixth Form College

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