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Date: Fri Feb 28 2003 - 18:16:11 EST
A couple of suggestions to reboot the server to see if it'll help,
didn't help.  Anyway, I installed GNOME 2.0 and be done w/CDE...

- Mike

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Solaris 9 (first release w/rec&sec patch).  I'm running vnc on the server
and using CDE in the vnc startup, when I attempts to exit CDE, I keep

Action: ExitSession [Error]
TT_ERR_NO_MATCH There is no running program to handle this message, nor is
there a static ptype to start such a program.  Check whether the
application...(the rest got truncated).

CDE never exit, I have to pkill vnc and restarts.  I searched the archive
for "TT_ERR_NO_MATCH" and the summary (the only one?) mentioned running
bsmconv and bsmunconv (ie. Solaris 2.6).  But there's no bsmconv or
bsmunconv in Solaris 9.

Something I need to do via GUI/console, the server is connected via serial
port instead of monitor/keyboard.


- Mike

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