SUMMARY: vxvm disk problems...

From: Kumar Guhan <>
Date: Fri Feb 28 2003 - 07:45:54 EST
Hi all,


Thanks to everybody who replied, in particular to the following people:


Steven Hill

Johan Hartzenberg

Paul Clayton

Darren Dunham


Eventually as many people suggested the filesystem needs to be grown, the
point was how considering it was a UFS, I was 

unaware that there's a separate mkfs command available under /usr/lib/fs/ufs
not the usual one sitting under /usr/sbin, the scary thing is if by accident
the usual mkfs is used you will have to start recalling backup tapes!!! So I
managed to "grow" the UFS by the following command:


root@server> /usr/lib/fs/ufs/mkfs -F ufs -M /mount/point
/dev/vx/rdsk/somedg/somevol 1068182776


The last parameter, i.e. the size to be increased can be mentioned in
512kb(I am not sure abt this) but I used the following command under vxvm to
get the size:


root@server> vxprint -g somedg -t somevol


which prints something on the following lines:


        V  NAME         USETYPE      KSTATE   STATE    LENGTH   READPOL  


        v  vol01        fsgen        ENABLED  ACTIVE   10639360 SELECT    -


The number display under the "LENGTH" column is the one to be used in the
/usr/lib/fs/ufs/mkfs command. Thanks once again and hope this helps



Kumar sg


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Subject: vxvm disk problems...


Hi Managers,


I had to put in a couple of disks in our sun storedge array, and did the
following sequence of commands:


boot -r

newfs -F UFS /dev/rdsk/c1t1d3s2


and put the disk under the control of veritas vol mgr through the vxdiskadm
utility by adding the new disks,


just to check the space availability of the volume:


vxassist -g ccidg maxgrow volname


this returned it can grow by 12g


after that to increase the volume size by 4g


vxassist -g ccidg growby volname 4000m


after executing this command, it promptly returns back. But I am not able to
see any space increase in df -k

And the vxassist maxgrow command still says it can grow by 12g.


The version of vxvm is 2.6 and I don't have vxtask list to know whether its
doing something in the background or not. 

I don't know what I am missing... any help would be appreciated and will



Kumar sg

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