SUMMARY: Bigest disk in a U5

From: Luc I. Suryo <>
Date: Mon Feb 17 2003 - 18:14:14 EST
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Peter Stokes
Casper Dik 
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Tim Chipman

i was already afraid of this... the limitation lies in the hw.
the ultra 5 uses 'cheap' and older ide-controller based on a 24-bits
addressing, limit's this to about 137GB.

If ever Sun decided to use newer controllers in their base line
(ide-base systems) that allows 48-bits addressing the problem will be solved...

so the other solution would be using scsi disks..

so whoever buys an ide disk for a Ultra 5 make sure it's not beyond 120GB (tobe
on the save site.) I think this applies as well to any Sun system based
on IDE... a other soltion is scsi :), there are scsi card that will
allow booting a scsi disk in a Ultra 5..

hope this information may help other...

Kind regards,
Luc Suryo
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