From: Dave Warchol <>
Date: Wed Feb 05 2003 - 08:58:03 EST
Thanks to all who responded.

From Hendrik Visage:
  "Have you yet tried Jorg Schilling, the author of the popular
cdrecord utilities. He have a
Pro-DVD on his site somewhere. (It might not be quite the same, but
might be a worthwhile exercise etc.)"

From David Foster:
  "I believe ProDVD from the CDRecord website can burn DVD-RAM disks.
WE use it to burn DV-R and are very happy with it."

From John Wingfield:
  "You could try Archimedia from KPAR,  Archimedia is
really a
data storage jukebox product, but it is possible to use it with a
DVD-RAM drive."

From Richard Felkins:
  "When I looked into this last year, these guys had DVD Products,
try at Young Minds." 

I  contacted BakBone, I received the following information from them
(their Product Manager):
  "BakBone is currently investigating alternatives to/options for
We expect to make a decision in the next 6 weeks, and I will contact
again at that time to let you know of our decision."

I'll post their decision.

This is a tough one.  The group that I support has a great deal of
stuff archived to DVD-RAM and it 
has worked out well (good product and suport).  MagnaVault supported
both bfs and udf filesystems
(older stuff was recorded using bfs, newer stuff using udf).  What with
the software license being 
tied to a hostid, there is concern about what happens if the hostid
needs to change after support 
is terminated.  One of the options we are looking at is migrating from
would give us 4.7GB, single-sided and seems to be a more
popular/transportable format (we are a
multiple OS/hardware environment, being able to read media burned on
the SUNs on other 
platforms is attractive) If folks are interested I'd be happy to post
the solution we choose.  

Original Post:
Hello everyone:
          I just became aware that BakBone has discontinued all
products in the MagnaVault product line (effective November 2002, with
support available for 1 year afterwards).  I believe that these were
formerly Tracer products.  This consists of the MagnaVault product and
its two adjunct products, HyperROM and Magna.  We use these products to
drive our Panasonic SCSI DVD-RAM drives installed in SunBlade 1000's
running Solaris 8.  Is anyone aware of any other vendor that can provide
this type of functionality on SUN or suggest another approach for this
type of storage.  I will summarize.

Thanks much,
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