SUMMARY: I/O Optimization

From: Mike's List <>
Date: Mon Feb 03 2003 - 17:00:03 EST
Thanks to Rich, Henrik and Kevin...

Oops! I guess I should of mentioned that it's an e250 2x300Mhz and
only 512MB of RAM, 4x4G --used mainly for Netscape and other unbundled
applications, ie. for other users to access the server to spawn Netscape.
So, I needed to squeeze all the juice out of this baby...

Thanks to Henrik for reminding me you can spread the swap across
multiple drives, which I did (also, I just remember you can put your
swap on slice 0 to optimize as well).  In my case, /usr and /opt will
get utilized heavily, so both are on seperate controller/disk.

You can also use DiskSuite to stripe /usr /opt and others across the
controllers and disks, but I decided not to.

c1d1 -- swap 128MB		c2d1 -- swap 128MB
     -- /			     -- /export/home
c1d2 -- swap 128MB		c2d2 -- swap 128MB
     -- /usr			     -- /var and /opt

- Mike

---------- original message ----------

I have two controllers and four disks, I don't need redundancy, what's
my options to optimize my I/O?  I have the following directories...or
can I move /usr onto the c2 instead of c1 to optimize?  I recommended
one controller per disk per mount point to truely optimize I/O, but the
company wouldn't go for it /grin.  (note, target and slice is ommitted)

c1d1 -- /
c1d2 -- /usr

c2d1 -- /home
c2d2 -- swap
     -- /var
     -- /opt

- Mike
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