SUMMARY: Determin Solaris "Update" version

From: UnixAdmin <>
Date: Fri Jan 31 2003 - 03:14:16 EST
Hello Admins,

Thanks to Zaigui Wang, Jeff Horwitz, Preiszl Matthias,
Alan Pae, Kumar, Valeriy Glinskiy, Somesh Nagthan, Tom
Schmid, Steve Camp, Luc I. Suryo, Bertrand_Hutin,
joe.fletche, Tim Evans, Alex Ranchoux, Casper Dik,
Newton, David, Sirisena, and Navi for responding to my
question regarding determining the Solaris Update

The most prevelant answer was to check /etc/release. 
This is also the solution that works.  My /etc/release
file contains:

Solaris 8 2/02 s28s_u7wos_08a SPARC
Copyright 2002 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All Rights
Assembled 18 December 2001

According to the table sent to me by Preiszl Matthias:

MU .... Maintenance Updates
                      2/02 MU7
                      10/01 MU6
                      7/01 MU5
                      4/01 MU4
                      1/01 MU3
                      10/00 MU2
                       6/00 MU1

I have MU7 and should be good to go.

Special thanks goes to Steve Camp who offered to have
me e-mail him my /etc/release file and that he would
determine the Update level for me.

Thanks Steve and Thanks to all the others who took to


My original question:

Hi Admins,

We plan to purchase a sun StorEdge 2G PCI single fibre
channel network adapter Part Number:  X6767A to
connect an E450 to a SAN.  This HBA requires that
Solaris 8, updated 6 or higher be running on the
server.  All of our servers are installed via
JumpStart and the JumpStart server was developed in a
different location and, as luck would have it, none of
the people who worked on the project to build our
custom JumpStart install servers are currently
available for questioning.

My question is: how can I determine which "update"
version is installed on this server.
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