SUMMARY: unknown problem with flar installation

From: <>
Date: Sun Jan 26 2003 - 05:58:00 EST
Thank's to Pablo Jejcic and Matt Harris. They recommended to check
  - other installation servers on the net ?
  - DNS can't resolve hostname ?

This was not the case. 

> I had no problems with flar installation in the past. Now I'll get get
> the window "Solaris Installation Program". In my mind nothing has changed 
> on our flar installation environment but who knows .... now I'm stucked:
> I don't now how to debug ...  (I checked sysidcfg and profile, I also 
> manually tried to fetch the flash archive: no problem)

For testing I configured another server as install server --> no
problem when I use this new installserver. I couldn't figure out 
the difference from original installserver to newly configured
installserver. Then I reinstalled OS on the original installserver
and everything works now ...

-- Beat Jucker
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