Summary: E3500 hangs during boot

From: <>
Date: Thu Jan 23 2003 - 11:07:36 EST
Once again those discussion lists proved invaluable. Thanks to everybody to
In a nutshell, there were 2 proposals:
1. To try boot -as and force the system not to read /etc/systems (therefore
avoiding the forceload statements introduced there by Veritas installer.
This did not work..
2. introduce "set kobj_map_space_len=0x200000" (The default was 0x100000). I
actually put there 0x400000, as somebody else suggested  and voila, the
problem was gone.

Tnx. again !!

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> From: 	Done, George
> Sent:	dinsdag 21 januari 2003 19:14
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> Subject:	E3500 hangs during boot
> Dear Unix Admins,
> I have an Enterprise 3500 server with Solaris 2.6 and latest patches. The
> system is booting from one of the internal FC-AL disks.
> I'm trying to install Veritas Volume Manager (version 3.2 or Version 3.5,
> I tried them both).
> As soon as I pkgadd the VRTSvxvm package and I reboot, the system hangs
> with the folloving messages last displayed on the console:
> Configuring the /devices directory
> pem: no event handler
> pseudo-device: random0
> random0 is /pseudo/random@0
> sbusmem1 at sbus0: SBus0 slot 0x1 offset 0x0
> sbusmem1 is /sbus@2,0/sbusmem@1,0
> sbusmem2 at sbus0: SBus0 slot 0x2 offset 0x0
> sbusmem2 is /sbus@2,0/sbusmem@2,0
> sbusmem13 at sbus0: SBus0 slot 0xd offset 0x0
> sbusmem13 is /sbus@2,0/sbusmem@d,0
> sbusmem16 at sbus1: SBus1 slot 0x0 offset 0x0
> sbusmem16 is /sbus@3,0/sbusmem@0,0
> sbusmem19 at sbus1: SBus1 slot 0x3 offset 0x0
> sbusmem19 is /sbus@3,0/sbusmem@3,0
> sbusmem33 at sbus2: SBus2 slot 0x1 offset 0x0
> sbusmem33 is /sbus@a,0/sbusmem@1,0
> sbusmem34 at sbus2: SBus2 slot 0x2 offset 0x0
> sbusmem34 is /sbus@a,0/sbusmem@2,0
> sbusmem45 at sbus2: SBus2 slot 0xd offset 0x0
> sbusmem45 is /sbus@a,0/sbusmem@d,0
> sbusmem48 at sbus3: SBus3 slot 0x0 offset 0x0
> sbusmem48 is /sbus@b,0/sbusmem@0,0
> sbusmem51 at sbus3: SBus3 slot 0x3 offset 0x0
> sbusmem51 is /sbus@b,0/sbusmem@3,0
> pseudo-device: winlock0
> winlock0 is /pseudo/winlock@0
> pseudo-device: lockstat0
> lockstat0 is /pseudo/lockstat@0
> pseudo-device: llc10
> llc10 is /pseudo/llc1@0
> <nothing is displayed from here on I wait for at least 40 min, but when I
> press Return, Blank lines are displayed>
> CTRL-D, CTRL-C does not help.
> This happens no matter if I try to boot single user or multiuser.
> As soon as I remove the VRTSvxvm package (I have to boot from the network
> and use pkgrm -R /mount-point for that)  the system returns to normal
> booting.
> The same VRTSvxvm packages were installed on systems similarly configured
> without problems.
> Any ideea ?
> George Done
> Unix Administrator
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