SUMMARY: Phoenix Web Browser Binaries for Solaris

From: Tim Chipman <>
Date: Thu Jan 23 2003 - 10:31:40 EST
Many thanks to Greg Marsh & Anders Nordby for their replies to my query.

With their help, I was able to locate some pre-cooked binaries for Sparc 

These work very well, but with the wrinkle (for me - anyhow) - when I 
tried to configure the Java Plugin (in the same manner as 
phoenix/Linux-X86 or Mozilla/(linux-X86 OR SolarisSparc OR SolarisX86) 
-- then phoenix tanks when trying to startup, presenting the error:

"INTERNAL ERROR on Browser End: No manager for initializing factory?"

This is unfortunate for me since JVM functionality is a core requirement 
for the "web browser of choice" here. Sigh. Possibly this issue will be 
resolved in the future(?), since Phoenix is still "pre-release" right now.

Note that I haven't been able to locate pre-cooked phoenix binaries for 

At the moment, I'm probably looking towards deployment of a linux-based 
X86 app server to provide web browser (phoenix or mozilla) and 
OpenOffice to our SunRay users. (Originally I had been hoping to go with 
Solaris8-X86 app server, but this seems impossible right now). Dual 
athlons @ 2000mhz seems to be plenty of horsepower for this sort of 
platform / requirement, and it's working great. Mozilla & Phoenix are 
*far* more stable than the old netscape 4.7X (especially for us - where 
users have many java applets for intranet data access).

I hope this info is of some use to others out there in the "Solaris Web 
Browser World".

--Tim Chipman


 > Hi all,
 > I'm curious if anyone has / knows a download location for a good
 > functional build of the Phoenix web browser [version 0.5 - most
 > current - ideally ] to run on Solaris (Sparc and / or X86 platform).
 > ( learn about phoenix @ url,
 > )
 > Pre-cooked binaries are available for LinuxX86/Windows32/OS2, and
 > google searches for Solaris builds by 3rd parties yield few hits, all
 > of which are non-active web pages currently.
 > (I'm interested in this because Phoenix has the same codebase as
 > Mozilla, but is trimmed down to include only web browsing functionality,
 > and is optimized for fast rendering, smaller memory footprint, etc etc
 > -- ie, potentially of significant interest, given the `extreme joy' I
 > have with running either obselete Netscape 4.7 lineage on old 400mhz
 > UltraSparcII based systems OR mozilla/netscape 6-7, which has
 > significantly heavier footprint for CPU/memory).
 > As always, I'll summarize back to the list.  Thanks!
 > Tim Chipman
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