SUMMARY: error when trying to do a groupdel in a pkgrm

From: Skyrca, Nicole <>
Date: Mon Jan 20 2003 - 12:53:50 EST
I got one response from G. Hackett to do a truss to figure out what was
going on.

I found that when running groupdel within pkgrm, it makes a temporary
file in /var/tmp.  When the "rename" command runs to copy the temporary
group file back to the real one, it dies with EXDEV18.  According to the
man page for rename, EXDEV errors mean "the links named by old and new
are on different filesystems".  I have /var on it's own filesystem.

As my original post said, I had to make sure that TMPDIR was not set
before running the groupdel command.  My problem was that I had the
following lines in my script:
groupdel sshd

But, this doesn't work.  This has to be all on one line to work. The
following works:

TMPDIR= groupdel sshd

Nicole Skyrca
NaviSite Inc.
315-453-2912 x 5861

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From: Skyrca, Nicole
Sent: Thursday, January 16, 2003 11:24 AM
Subject: error when trying to do a groupdel in a pkgrm

I'm creating a package on Solaris 8, and I want to be able to do a
"groupdel" command in a postremove script.

But, I keep getting the following error when it runs:
UX: groupdel: ERROR: Cannot update system files - group cannot be

I looked this message up on the web, and did find a summary about the
same problem on the Sun Managers list.  It says a workaround is to make
sure that $TMPDIR is unset before calling groupdel.  I have tried this
and it still doesn't work.  Does anyone have other ideas on this?


Nicole Skyrca
NaviSite Inc.
315-453-2912 x 5861
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