SUMMARY: Keyboard-Video-Mouse switches

From: Matthew Stier <>
Date: Thu Jan 09 2003 - 13:38:11 EST
I received several suggestions, ranging from switching to a serial
console server to using KVM's from Avocent or Raritan.

Thanks to Will Enestvedt for pointing out a USB to type-5 adapter from for $175..

I also found that Raritan sells a similar product (ASUSB) that I can buy
for $80.

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Subject: Keyboard-Video-Mouse switches

I have a small server room (less than 12 systems) composed of Enterprise

450's, 3000's and 4500's.   I've been using Lightwave Communications
KVM switches for years; without problem.

We are considering replacing our Enterprise 4500's with Sun Fire V480's.

Since the V480's use type-6 (USB) keyboards, I'm wondering if anyone
else has resolve the issue of mixing systems with type-5 and type-6

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