[Summary] 400Mhz SUN PCi with Windows 2000 SP2

From: Marcelino Mata <mmata_at_multimatic.com>
Date: Wed Jan 08 2003 - 09:55:02 EST
Seems that this problem is common to Windows 2000 with the SUN PCi 1.3
software.  Poking around the 1.3 directories I noticed SUN is just
symbolically linking the Windows 2000 drivers to the existing Windows NT 4.0

Many thanks to David Edwards for pointing a cost effective workaround.  Use
USB Ethernet adapter as network connection.  Tried it and it works fine.
Cost is around $10-30 US.  This brings the network speed back to Windows
NT4.0 level.   

Background information :  When Sun box network connection running at 100Mb/s
Full Duplex, SUN PCi 1.3 virtual network connection running at 10Mb/s level
with Windows NT4.0.  This gives around 1.33MB/s transfer rate.  Under
Windows 2000 it drops down under 90KB/s connection.


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Hi all,

Due to corporate direction we have to move all Windows installations to
Windows 2000 or XP.  For our 400Mhz SUN PCi cards this meant moving from
Windows NT 4.0 to Windows2000.  We installed a new Windows2000 image with
Service Pack2 (after installing SUN patch 110762-03).  Everything went
pretty well except network performance from the SUN PC cards.  Network
performance from Solaris is fine.

With the SUN UltraSparc running with 100Mb/s FullDuplex, we were getting
about 1.3Mb/s on Windows NT 4.0.  While this is not great it is good enough.
Under Windows 2000 we are getting .08Mb/s! It basically takes 1 minute to
copy a 5MB from the network under Windows 2000 vs 4 seconds for Windows NT

We also have SUN PCi II cards and we noticed that they take a big
performance hit if we configure them with Virtual Networking.  We use the
onboard NIC card whenever we can. 

Is anyone else getting these type of numbers or have any idea how to improve
things?  Maybe there is something wrong with our Windows 2000 install.

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