[SUMMARY] Extending monitor/keyboard/mouse

From: Paramasivam, Meenakshisundaram <mparamas_at_iupui.edu>
Date: Fri Dec 20 2002 - 09:30:43 EST
There was only one response and it provided the solution. Thanks to Russ at

www.blackbox.com P/N ACS236A for Sun.

Please note that above P/N uses one Sun 8pin minidin connection for

Bottom line:
Search on web for "Fiber KVM Extender"


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Subject: Extending monitor/keyboard/mouse


We are planning to place just the LCD monitor, keyboard and mouse into a RF
shielded room (needed for hosting 9.4T Horizontal Magnet MRI scanner). And
CPU (Sun Blade 100) will be in another room 20ft away. We would prefer an
optical solution as far as cabling goes. Cordless solution for mouse and
keyboard is not a possibility if they operate in RF range. Due to high
magnetic field inside the room, keeping a machine inside the room has the
of wiping data on disk if one has no knowledge of the fringe fields; it is
kind of like playing with fire from SysAdmin's perspective. Besides, there
be no devices or items that can generate RF since it interferes with MRI
scanner. We want to minimize number of copper wires going in/out of this
shielded room, if there are no "optical" solutions.

Any ideas? Any vendors specializing this? We would appreciate your prompt
response. We will summarize.

Indiana University Radiology
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