[non-SUMMARY] Question about Qpopper [--enable-home-dir, --enable-spool-dir]

From: David Foster <foster_at_dim.ucsd.edu>
Date: Fri Dec 13 2002 - 19:44:45 EST
I got zero replies to this OT question about using 
--enable-home-dir-mail and --enable-spool-dir with Qpopper 
(Qualcomm's popmail server).

I haven't had a chance to test this myself.

Dave Foster

> Apologies for the off-topic question, I can't find answers
> to these simple questions anywhere, including the qpopper
> mailing list.
> If one uses the configuration option --enable-home-dir-mail 
> (defaults to .mail) to put users' mail files in their home
> directories, will Qpopper still search the mail spool dir
> (specified using --enable-spool-dir=path) for the mail file
> if it doesn't find it in the home directory (ie. can you use
> both locations, or is it one or the other)?
> I haven't been able to find this in their docs, FAQ, or mailing
> list. Also, does anyone know if you can specify:
> 	--enable-home-dir-mail=.mail/.mbox
> (can it be a relative pathname, not a plain filename)? Couldn't
> find that either!
> Thanks!
> Dave Foster

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