Summary - High I/O Wait but can't find which process is doing it

From: <>
Date: Fri Dec 06 2002 - 13:51:58 EST
Thank you to all who responded.

The one I find helpful is the "ps -elf" which shows the status of the
processes.  There were a number of suggestions to perform a truss to see
what's going on with that process - as seen in the "ps -elf" command.  A
number of people suggested using the lsof command.  In my particular
situation this was not as helpful since there were a number of database
running in the busy partition - lsof showed me all of the big datafiles
opened by the five database instances.

I noted that the developers were creating databases on their own.  The
/etc/system parameters were for two databases so I increased the number of
semaphores based on the Oracle guidelines.  This appears to have solved the
problem and alleviated what appears to be locking.

Many thanks to the following people:
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