SUMMARY: Mirroring, SunBlade 1000 with DiskSuite

From: Dave Warchol <>
Date: Fri Dec 06 2002 - 10:55:53 EST
First, my apologies for the late summary.  Second, thanks to all who
- Mike Demarco
- Julie Peers (I had four responses from Julie, awesome....), 
- Hichael Morton, and,
- "Mke" 
>From Mike Demarco:
In changing the layout, what I do is to vtoc the new disk with the new
layout. I then newfs the partitions and mount them under /1 as they
be mounted under /. ie. /1/var will be the new /var and so on.
I then use ufsdump to dump each partition to the new drive. 
ufsdump 0f - /dev/rdsk/c#t#d#s# | (cd /1/<matched
filesystem>;ufsrestore xf
Next you need to install the boot block (check man page under
Then change your boot-device flag in your eeprom. Now go to
change the devices to the new drive number.
Now just reboot. ( or you can skip the vfstab step and the boot-device
init 5 the system and swap the two drives in the 1000. and boot the

All thats left is to mirror the drives together.
>From Julie (e-mail #1)
Have a look at my attachments  (the text of the attachments follows)

Your internal 18Gb boot disk should be c0t0d0

Your internal 36Gb boot disk should be c0t1d0

Please ensure you have correct slice numbers for root /var etc........

In my first attachment you will see a scriptable version of metainit.

There are other ways to do this but bear in mind this is MY WAY!!!

This file can be copied and pasted using vi into a file , say mdsetup ,

chmod 777 mdsetup


Have a look at my other attachment 

This file too can be copied and pasted using vi into a file , say

chmod 777 mdattach


To explain things , the partition sizes must be identical.

Any more info needed , contact me direct

Attachment 1 (metadb setup for boot and mirror)

prtvtoc /dev/rdsk/c0t0d0s2 | fmthard -s - /dev/rdsk/c0t1d0s2

metadb -a -f c3 /dev/dsk/c0t0d0s7 /dev/dsk/c0t1d0s7
metainit -f d1 1 1 c0t0d0s0
metainit d2 1 1 c0t1d0s0
metainit d3 m d1
metaroot d3

metainit -f d4 1 1 c0t0d0s1
metainit d5 1 1 c0t1d0s1
metainit d61 -m d4

metainit -f d7 1 1 c0t0d0s3
metainit d8 1 1 c0t1d0s3
metainit d9 -m d7

metainit -f d10 1 1 c0t0d0s4
metainit d11 1 1 c0t1d0s4
metainit d12 -m d10

metainit -f d13 1 1 c0t0d0s5
metainit d14 1 1 c0t1d0s5
metainit d15 -m d13

metainit -f d15 1 1 c0t0d0s6
metainit d25 1 1 c0t1d0s6
metainit d35 m d15

Attachment 2 (metattach for boot disks)
metattach d3 d1
metattach d5 d4
metattach d8 d6
metattach d11 d9
metattach d12 d14
metattach d17 d15

while true
metastat |grep %
sleep 180

Julie (e-mail #2)
Hopefully I replied correctly ,  upon second look looks like you want
know how to resize fs once built?
If so I think It depends on which raid level you are going with.
I believe-but don't quote me - as I have no time now to confirm , but
its only raid 5 that this is ok for.

If so check this attachment!!

Infodoc 16084-Growing SDS Filesystem RAID5 was attached.

Julie (e-mail #3)
and this!!
Mirroring A Boot Drive Using Solstice Disksuite 
  Featured Article on SunHelpDesk (
  Author: John Richardson
  Date: Oct 26, 2000
Julie (e-mail #4)

Hello for the last time

Just in case I did go off on one!!!

There was a summary attached from
(Sun-Managers) , 
the subject being:  Summary: Growing Raid (Disk Suite).

I have attached a similar scenario with Q+A's for you.

Hichael Morton
---------------- has the disksuite documentation.  
you will need to recreate the boot drive the way you want it.
once this is completed, the disksuite manual/guide/documentation will
give you options and instructions.
also, you will need to load disksuite on your blade1000.

Mike's reply was similar to Hichael's.

Thanks again everyone.  If anyone would like copies of the attachments,
they can contact me directly.


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Good morning:
          SunBlade 1000 with an 18GB drive running Solaris 8.  I've
purchased and installed a second drive, 36GB.  I would like to end up
with a mirrored system disk using Disksuite, but would like to use the
opportunity to change the disk layout/filesystems as well.  Can
please provide detailed procedure(s) for doing this.

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