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From: ellipses <>
Date: Fri Dec 06 2002 - 00:34:45 EST
	Several of you asked for the solution to this, and so I did send
a post to the list about it last week.. but never saw it post, or got a
response from the moderator..  so here it is again.

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Use SunTrunking, which is available from sun for a price, or IP
Mulitpathing (IPMP), which was conveyed to be included with Solaris
software following 8 01/01 and Up. Info for these can be found @

Also, some said to look into some specialized cards
( Or look into EtherChannel..

Thats was pretty much what most of the answers were.  I'll probably look
into the IPMP stuff. becuase my boxen are sitting on Cisco gear, so that
will probably work best, Although I wont get 200Mbps througput, Im more
worried about redundancy, BUT if my higher ups decide they want to see
200Mbps, then they gotta spring for the SunTrunking software! :)

Theere ya go..  Thanks again for the help!
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Good luck!

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