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From: Richard Williams <>
Date: Wed Dec 04 2002 - 14:40:11 EST
Thanks to all who replied. Most people were recommending the same setup. I
will try your suggestion and will also invest in the book Managing NFS and
NIS from O'Reilly, which was recommended by so many of you

Here are a few of the suggestions:


Having a master and slave is a great idea - in fact, I wouldn't run with 
just one NIS server.  I
try to run two per subnet, because I have several older machines that 
can't bind off their subnet
without intervention.  This makes automatic re-binding in case of failure 
impossible and creates
many unhappy users.  The way the master and slave(s) works is not a 
cut-and-dried slaves take over
for master.  That's a little misleading.  The master will still be the 
only place where you update
your maps, so, in that sense, the slave doesn't take over.  All the slave 
really does is provide an
alternate machine for your clients to bind to rather than the master. 
Then, you must fix your
master before you will be able to update maps again.


On each client machine using NIS you will need to

  A) add an entry in to the local hosts file for the NIS slave
     (you should already have an entry for the NIS master)
  B) run `ypinit -c` on the client. You need to enter the host names
     for both NIS servers (master and slave). This is what tells the
     client where to search for NIS servers. This command will basically
     edit the file /var/yp/binding/<domain>/ypservers
On the new NIS slave server run `ypinit -s <master_server>` to set up
the master/slave relationship with the NIS master server.

After you get the slave server set up, make as change to an NIS map
on the master and verify that the updated map got pushed to the slave.

Hi gurus,

My NIS server died yesterday and caused total chaos. My plan now is to 
two NIS servers on the network, Sol2.6, master / slave. Will the slave 
over if the master goes down? Is there anything special I have to do for
this configuration? I inherited this network so I am not very 
on NIS. All help will be greatly appreciated.


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