Summary: Can I attach a Sun Storedge Multipack-FC device to a Fib re switch?

From: O'Neill, Paul (IT) <Paul_O'>
Date: Tue Nov 19 2002 - 09:48:13 EST
Dear Sun Managers,
                           Thanks to Carl [] for his response:

"We did use the Multipack-FC with Brocade 3200 switch. Sun multipack only supports FC-AL, so you 
can not use Fabric switch but quickloop. In quickloop mode, you can use Fabric Assistant to 
zoning your multipack."

I am investigating Quickloop, which is an additional software module. We will probably purchase
a Brocade SilkWorm 3800 16 port switch to attach our Sun Storedge Multipack-FC devices. 

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> Dear Sunmanagers,
>                           Has anyone connected a Sun Storedge Multipack-FC device to
> a fibre channel switch? If so, did you use SAN zoning to accomplish this implementation?
> We have some of these Sun Storedge Multipack-FC and we would like them to be
> included in a SAN implementation. Which switch vendor did you use? Any problems
> to watch out for?
> I will summarise and acknowledge all answers. Please note that I've checked Sun docs, Sun Solve
> and many of the archives on Sun Managers and there is no mention of this proposed implementation.
> What ever happened to the search facility on the SunManagers web site?
> regards,
> Paul
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