Summary: Telnet/ftp takes too long to connect - Summary

From: Clarino, Joel (GXS) <>
Date: Tue Nov 12 2002 - 01:49:40 EST
Many Thanks to:

Paul LaMadeleine 
Jason Nguyen 
Steve Moccio 
Neil Hunt 

Who contributed to isolate the problem. Where the primary reason was my
primary name server is not working properly/intermittent. 


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Check /etc/resolv.conf - with the virtual IP you might be using another


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Subject: Telnet/ftp takes too long to connect

> Hi Gurus,
> Has anyone encounter this problem. Here's the scenario, previously my
> solaris 8 server is working fine running on single IP but since we have a
> requirement to activate the virtual IP. Now when i enable the virtual IP i
> got this trouble when connecting via telnet or ftp, it takes too long to
> respond the telnet/ftp server. Has anyone can recommend on how to resolve
> this? Although the virtual ip is working but i need to wait for a few
> minutes to connect.
> Thanks in advance,
> Joel
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