SUMMARY : Auto_Master does not do what I want !

From: Yar Baily <>
Date: Mon Nov 11 2002 - 09:50:47 EST
Many thanks to the following :

Steve Maher                Jim Musso              Valeriy Glinskiy,
Thomas Autry              LINDA S GEE        Jason Wood
John McNab               Tom Jones              Guy B. Purcell,
David Glass                 Mr Rene Occelli      Paul Clayton
Matthew Stier

All the responses combined lead to the solution. Basically :

1) - I  added an entry in the NIS auto_master on the server as " /-
auto_direct    -nosuid "

2) - Created two entries in the auto_direct file on the server also as "
/abc    dummy:/export/home/abc" and " /def    dummy:/export/home/def"
restarted the automount service  with automount -v.

3) - Then I copied the same files to all the client machines and now I have
directories being mounted automatically.

Logically, I think I should not have had to copy these scripts  to client
machines as long as all the client machines have " +auto_master" in their
auto_master files ( it tells the client to check the entries on the server
when in an NIS environment) but for some reason that did not happen. So, I
had to copy them on all client machines but it works !

Original Message :

Folks, I have two folders that I want to make available to all my NIS
clients. I have shared these folders in the dfstab and I can mount them
manually from any  client machine. But I want these to be available
automatically  to all the users. For that, I understand that I need to add
these in the auto_master file. I did that but it does not work. There were 3
exiting entries for /net, /home /and /xfn, they work fine.

Here is how I added those folders in the file:

/abc     dummy:/export/home/abc
/def     dummy:/export/home/def

after that I restarted the automount daemon ( even rebooted the server ! )
but nothing happened..... am I doing right ???
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