SUMMARY: A5200 Distance Issues

From: John Malick <>
Date: Mon Nov 11 2002 - 09:12:18 EST
The best information came from Johan who said:

You will have problems trying to connect 62.5 u fibres to 50 u GBICs due to
internal refraction.  If you actually get it to work, you will have huge DB
loss.  If you have any problems afterwards, you will not know what is
causing it, etc.  And trying to push 100GB/s over 62.5 u fibres this
distance will require every bit of DB you can push through the optic.

The decision here, though a bit expensive, is going to be to run 50/125 
multimode fiber over that 300 meters distance. As long as attenuation is 
kept to a minimum, that length will work.

Original message:

 > Looking for information on max distances from host to A5000 array?
 > Sun states that using 50/125 MM fiber you can get up to 500 meters. That
 > is good and all but my problem is that we have 62.5/125 MM fiber run
 > between two buildings. The total cable run is going to be about 300
 > meters. According to what I've read using 62.5 micro cable at 100MB/s
 > you're limited to about 175 meters.
 > Has anyone done 300+ meters using 62.5/125 cable on a Sun A5000 array?
 > Finally, Sun's docs state that their GBIC's etc use 50 micron. Is there
 > a going to be problems connecting 62.5 micro cable to the Sun GBIC?
 > Thanks
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