Summary : Slow I/O on A1000

From: Suhas BHIDE <>
Date: Sun Nov 10 2002 - 20:17:52 EST
Thanks all for sending me the replies. Almost all have suggested the
problem to
be with network, but the correct reply was from

Linh ( who asked me to check for the battery status whether
it is
720 days old or not. I checked and it was 900 days old. I then reseted the
status to normal and the i/o was like flying in skies.

Thanks a lot to all for your valueable time.

Regards.....Suhas Bhide

My Original Message is listed below.

Hi Gurus....

I have installed E420R with Solaris 2.6 and A1000 with RM6.22
I have also upgraded the firmware of A1000 to
which is the latest available through patch 108834-07.
After I reboot, and start copying the files from my other machine,
I experience the slowness of disks. I am copying through
100 Full n/w and it is copying at 130 mb / 30 min rate
which is very slow comparable to other E420R/E450 machines
where I can copy at rate of 2-3 GB / hr.

I have even tried the backup through Veritas Netbackup and
this machine with A1000 is extremely slow with backup speed
of 80-90 / 45 min while on other m/cs I get 2 gb/hr speed.

Has anyone noticed this type of slowness on A1000 ? Can
anyone help me on this ?

( I have tried changing the no. of hdds in a LUN from 5 to 11,
but same problem evrytime).

Regards....Suhas Bhide
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