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From: Wong, Ivan <>
Date: Tue Nov 05 2002 - 01:54:00 EST

the problems we're having with veritas netbackup was due to an incorrect
frequency setting for the scheduler.  because our daily incremental
backups ran into the next morning, the frequency needed to be set to 22
hrs instead of once a day.  the same also applied to the weekly full
backup.  that was changed from once a week to every 6 days.

so far so good after the making those alterations.

my next question is, how can we change the order of the clients to be
backed up?  we have one class and that backs up 5 clients.  the client
list manager has the master server as the first client, but the master
server is currently the last client to be backed up and we would like to
make it the first.

any ideas on how to fix this problem?

thanks to the following people for their replies:
William Enestvedt
Ian Camm
Rajiv Kumar Bhardwaj
Angel R Rivera
Osama Omar
Karl Rossing
Matthew Sams
Steven Ruby

special thanks to William, Ian and Rajiv who diagnosed the problem

original post:

We am having some issues with Veritas Netbackup and I wondering if
anyone out there can offer me some advice.

We have a SunFire V880 with Solaris 8 and Veritas Netbackup 3.4.  The
autoloader is an L9.  Veritas Netbackup client is also installed on
several Sun and Windows boxes.

Here's a description of my problem:
On our last scheduled full backup, only the backup server was backed up
and the 4 other clients were not.

The backup status report doesn't show the status of the 4 missing client
backup jobs.  It's as if they didn't exist.  Netbackup's problem log
also has no mention of missing backup jobs.  The V880 was rebooted mid
afternoon.  Could this have caused the failures?

A few weeks ago, the problem was the other way around.  The client boxes
were backed up but the backup server failed.  On that day, I had to make
some changes to the full backup, ie, add in a new client to be backed up
under "Client List Management".  Was there something additional I needed
to do?

Netbackup has been configured in such a way that the V880 is the first
box to be backed up, then the other Sun boxes and finally the Windows

This backup problem has occurred on a few occasions when no noticable
changes have taken place.

Any idea as how to fix this netbackup problem?

Thanks in advance.
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