SUMMARY : sun dhcp server

From: Gerard Henry <>
Date: Thu Oct 31 2002 - 10:13:28 EST
late response but i wait for sun hotline. And thanks to people who 
answers me (i delete mails too early!)
sun says me this feature is not on his dhcp, perhaps in future versions 
of solaris?
i 'm going to use isc software, like on linux machines, but without gui

My original post:

> i'm using sun dhcp, but i don't know how to limit access to my dhcp 
> server with ethernet address. Do you think it is possible? I want to 
> declare a pool of IP address and a pool of ethernet address. Actually, i 
> can only reserve an ip with a particular ethernet address, but it is 
> very restrictive. I don't want to use ISC dhcp server.
> Thanks, i 'll resume

Gerard HENRY
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