summary: rcp to solaris8

From: Darren Brechman-Toussaint <>
Date: Wed Oct 30 2002 - 20:10:20 EST
Thanks to:
Richard Lacroix
Sergio Luiz Novaes

who both pointed out that I missed the part of the man page below:

Search Sequence
     To help maintain system security, the /etc/hosts.equiv  file
     is  not  checked  when  access is being attempted for super-
     user. If the user attempting access is not  the  super-user,
     /etc/hosts.equiv is searched for lines of the form described
     above. Checks are made for lines in this file in the follow-
     ing order

Being in a rush and scanning the man page also doesn't help.


Original Post:

I am having trouble setting up /etc/hosts.equiv file on a solaris 8 machine. I can get the /.rhosts
file to work easily but when I copy the entry to /etc/hosts.equiv I can only get permission denied
errors. The entry in /.rhosts is a single line with the FQDN of the source server eg

I have run a truss on inetd and captured the rsh command execution and I can see it trying to access
the /.rhosts file, but I never see it trying to access /etc/hosts.equiv. Can anyone give some
pointers on what I have missed. 

Source server is solaris 2.6, destination solaris 8, and I am trying to copy a file as the root user
on the source machine. It is not a permission problem on the destination server as the same command
works when the /.rhosts file exists.

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