[SUMMARY] SDS metaset "lock" problem

From: Rick von Richter <rickv_at_mwh.com>
Date: Fri Oct 18 2002 - 16:01:21 EDT
Thanks to Muralidharan for the answer.

Kill the rpc process related to Metadevices this will solve the problem.

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Hello gurus,  I need your help with SDS (Solstice DiskSuite).

System: E3500, Sol 2.6, 6 connected photons, hostname=prometheus, metaset=nfs
I am trying to remove disks from my metaset (metaset -s nfs -d -f c3t0d0).
I am trying to remove a metadb from the diskset (metadb -s nfs -d -f c3t0d0s7).
I get the following same error when I run those commands;
   metaset: prometheus: nfs: set lock failed - bad key
   metadb: prometheus: nfs: set lock failed - bad key
Short of rebooting the box, is there anyway to fix this?
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