SUMMARY: kernel params require a reboot

From: Darryl Pace <>
Date: Fri Oct 18 2002 - 12:12:19 EDT
	The question I sent followed by the replies I received are both
given below.  Thank you to all that replied.

-- Darryl

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Subject: kernel params require a reboot

            The only methods by which I've seen kernel parameters
changed is via setting them in /etc/system and rebooting.  Also, I
suppose one could use adb.  However, is there another way to change
kernel parameters that do NOT require a reboot?

1. ndd can be used to change some parameters.  You must be careful as
the changes do not stay once the machine is rebooted so it is good to go
ahead and place the changes into the /etc/system file or a startup file
within /etc/rc2.d.

2. adb only sometimes works, and has significant risk associated with
it.  Essentially, the answer is no.
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