SUMMARY: resizing partitions with SDS

From: Eric Hunter <>
Date: Mon Oct 14 2002 - 12:36:24 EDT
Thats what I get for not googling properly.

This seems to be an infrequently, but previously asked question with an
interesting answer.

You dont even need SDS to do it, according to Jim Vandevgt:

"Yes, check out growfs from the command line or the GUI will do it for
you too.

FYI, you don't even need SDS, there's undocumented -M and -G switches
for mkfs (starting with about Solaris 2.5 I understand) that accomplish
the task. 'growfs' actually is just a script that calls mkfs with these
switches. Search for the Solaris FAQ -- it talks about those switches.


And a proper search of the archive of this list unearthed a prior
summary form Jeff Kennedy including some links to man pages and more
specific info.

Thanks to all who replied:
Galen Johnson
Ed Rolinson
Jim Vandevgt
Paul Galjan
Nick Hendly
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