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Date: Mon Oct 14 2002 - 07:16:12 EDT
Thanks to everyone who responded, I was trully overwhelmed by you quick and
effective help with this one.
It seems that you can find everything you need to support and configure T3
by downloading documentation from the links below:

take a look at:
follow links to the T3 (its under disk arrays)
on the T3 homepage there is a link to documentation..

here you will find the rest

Note that there are versions of the manual for each version of the
controller firmware. Hope this helps.

I'm also grateful to people who sent me directly the .pdf file(s) attached
to the mail (Tnx Julie).
Note that I asked 2 Sun Support Engineers (there is a Gold contract) for T3
documentation and they told me that if it's not listed  on then
it's Sun Internal and Confidential and hence I'm not entitled to have it.
Regarding the issue that there was nothing resembling with documentation in
the boxes (not hardcopy, nor electronic), it seems that at least three other
people encountered the same, while others received several books. This make
me believe Sun Logistics consider T3 documentation an optional item to be
shiped to customer.
Lastly, about performance issue, we found the configuration was O.K. It's
just the T3 is not the fastest storage performer Things get a little bit
better when I disable cache mirroring, but since we need to configure for
maximum availability, I have to keep that partner group as configured

Best Regards,
George DONE

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> Subject:	T3 documentation
> Hi !
> Anybody knows why on there are only 2 documents about T3 ?
> (the Sun StorEdge T3 Disk Tray Configuration Guide, 806-4210-12
> and the Sun StorEdge(tm) T3 Disk Tray Installation Task Map, 806-1495-11)
> The related documentation speaks about much more, including SunStorEdge T3
> Disk Tray Administrator's Guide, 806-4213 and Sun StorEdge T3 Disk Tray
> Installation, Operation, and Service Manual, 806-1062.
> Why is Sun not posting this documentation, since is useless anyway if you
> do not own the product ?
> Our T3's were unpacked by a consultant who claimed after there was no
> documentation inside the boxes watsoever. Then his contract ended and he
> left without installing them. We succeeded to start using them, but the
> performance is lower than expected and I would like to see the
> documentation to try some tuning.
> (Plus, I do not feel confident supporting something for which I did not
> went through documentation)
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