SUMMARY: RAM upgrade in a 420R

From: Erik Simonsen <>
Date: Mon Sep 30 2002 - 11:56:24 EDT
I got a lot of great answers for this; too many to name them all.  The
solution turned out to be simple:  Two admins had installed the RAM, but one
of them didn't push the ram into the slot--There was a gig of ram floating
above the motherboard.  You can't really baby the dimms.  They need to be
pushed in pretty hard.

To help other people, here are some of the other problems that could have
caused it:

There are 4 banks of ram on the E420/450.  Each bank consists of 2 dimm
slots on the mainboard and two dimm slots on the riser card.  Each bank must
be filled with the same size memory.

You must populate the banks starting with bank 0 and moving out.

The 420/450 only take 64 meg or 256 meg dimms.

the riser card needs to be screwed in precisely.  Too hard and you break the
connectors, two softly and you don't get a connection.

Note:  You do not need to do anything for the machine to recognize the RAM.
You do not need to touch /reconfigure or boot -r.

Thanks everyone

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Subject: RAM upgrade in a 420R

We recently doubled the ram in a 420R from 1 gig to 2 gigs.  When we booted
the system, it didn't show any errors, but it only showed the original 1 gig
of memory installed.  I've installed RAM in these machines before, and don't
remember ever having problems.  Any ideas on what we could have done wrong
or what we missed?

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