Summary: dd changes disk label

From: Doug S Johnson <>
Date: Tue Sep 10 2002 - 10:12:12 EDT
Thanks to all who replied, special thanks to Sergio Novaes. The problem is 
the old disk label was being copied to the new disk.

I ended up using ufsdump/ufsrestore.

A lot of folks wanted to know why I was using dd.  I do this every few 
month and it's faster, and I never used a different size disk to copy to 

Phillip Miller suggested using a script that can be found at

Original post below:
I have two new disks Seagate ST318438LW 18.4 Gig, that I'm using dd ("dd
if=/dev/rmt/0 of=/dev/rdsk/c0t3d0s0 bs=100b") to copy my root image from a
Seagate ST39236LW 9.2 Gig disk to the new disks.  I label, partition,
verify and save the new disks with format.  After I run the dd command the
disk takes on the characteristics of the disk the image was copied from,
It's now seen as a 9.2 gig disk with the same partitioning as the 9.2 gig
disk had.  I'm doing this while booted with a Solaris 7 or 8 cdrom ("boot
cdrom -s"). I zero out the label and try again same thing happens on both
new disks.  What I'm I doing wrong here.  Thanks.
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