SUMMARY: solaris 6 inittab question

From: Gene Matthews <>
Date: Wed Sep 04 2002 - 16:11:30 EDT
I heard from a few folks quick quickly.  I still haven't completely
figured out what the problem was, but I eliminated the "su" to another
user and just had the script run as root and now it works beautifully
via inittab. I can kill it, and within 2 seconds another instance is

Thanks for the insight and suggestions.


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Subject: solaris 6 inittab question

I have setup an /etc/inittab to respawn a process if/when it dies.  It
seems to work fine.  I can kill the process and eventually it does
restart.  However, it is taking 10 minutes for it to restart.  I don't
see any evidence (via 'ps -ef |grep processname') of it even attempting
to start sooner.


I would have thought a respawn entry in inittab would have started back
up within seconds.  Is there some system tunable that determines how
fast/often init does its thing with inittab?


If I do an 'init q' then it tries to restart the process immediately,
but if I kill the process and just wait, it is taking 10 minutes.


My inittab entry looks like this:





Thanks for any advine,



Gene Matthews
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