SUMMARY: Group ownership upon file creation

From: <>
Date: Tue Sep 03 2002 - 19:57:06 EDT
Thanks for the many replies (too numerous to properly credit)...most all of which correctly pointed to using chmod g+s on the directory that I wish to have all subsequently created files inherit it's group ownership. I'd tried to use the numerical equivalent of 2755, but this wasn't working.

Thanks for the great response!

The original post was:
> Gurus,
> My scenario is this:
> user "bob" has a primary Group of "build" naturally when he
> creates a file, the group ownership will be "build".  bob is also a
> member of the "util" group, and there are certain directories whose
> group ownership is "util".  If bob creates a file in those directories
> whose group ownership is "util", I don't want the group ownership of the
> files he creates to be his primary group "build", but rather I want them
> to have the same group ownership of that directory, which is "util".
> I though under BSD this was optional somehow, but I don't know about
> system V......any ideas how can I do this?

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