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From: Jason Wood <borris_8_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Fri Aug 30 2002 - 13:13:05 EDT
I think that Darren Dunham hit it on the head when he said that it may be an MX
record on the DNS server that is messing things up. My department doesn't deal
with the DNS servers but I bet that is what is happening.

Christopher L. Barnard had a suggestion to rebuild from the .cf file but I will
probably just write a sed script to replace the "DS" line.

--- Originial post ----
I've been noticing that various Solaris patch bundles have been updating
sendmail and replacing the sendmail.cf file. This is a pain because we have a
smart host set up and it gets altered. What I want to do is put an entry in
/etc/hosts for the "mailhost" but I'm not sure what the entry expands to.

Entry from sendmail.cf:

In my /etc/hosts:
xx.xx.xx.xx  mailhost mailhost.internal.domain.com fred

The company has a machine with a DNS entry of mailhost.internal.domain.com but
I want this to go to a department smart host and not the company one. My
nsswitch.conf has: "hosts   files dns" but if I use "sendmail -v" to test it
goes via the company mailhost and not to the address I want. If I force
"DSfred" then it goes out to the depart smart host.

Anyone able to help here?

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