From: Thamara Wanigatunga <>
Date: Thu Aug 15 2002 - 00:45:14 EDT
Hello Dear managers,

Thanks for all who read my message and special thanks go to the friends
whom i have given below. Most of them suggested to use the standard mt  and
ufsdump commands and to make the auto loader sequential, this is what i
have done.
the mt command is
mt rewoffl

ufsdump ........ ( Here i added the o and the l options to make it auto
load the next tape if there is storage shortage)
mt rewoffl

Couple of friends suggested to use mtx    and
some suggested

PPl who gave me all the brilliant ideas were.

Peter Stokes
Woodruff, David
Lieven Marchand(Thanks for the script)
Steve Wills
Paul Wilkinson
Asher Frenkel
Jay Lessert
Ivan Fetch

Good luck!!
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