From: GallS <>
Date: Wed Aug 14 2002 - 12:13:07 EDT
Thanks to Scott Howard, Ramario Santos and Especially Jed Dobson.
Jed's reply is below: -
You have two choices:

1) Veritas DMP. You can use Veritas for free since it will recongnize the
A5200 and create a license for you. DMP is dynamic multipathing. This
feature will enable failover for you.

2) Use Sun StorEdge Traffic Manager. This is what used to be MPxIO and is
the AP functionality. Get this software from
<outbind://54/>, SAN 4.0.

This document is incorrect in regards to Solaris 9 support, but is a nice
guid to explain how this new driver works. The file you want is available
from the above site (SUNWsan package)



Once I had installed it I was not convinced it was working so I wrote back
to Jed.  Below is my second question and his reply: -

I tried the second option (STMS). The problem I have is that I was trying to
use one of the A5200 disks as a boot disk. This does not seem to be
supported by the STMS package and I am still seeing two of each device. I
found this in the documentation 

"Check if the system is booting from the A5x00 disks (booting from StorEdge
T3 is not supported). When you boot from a STMS device, all devices under
the pHCI with the boot device get enumerated under scsi_vhci."

Do you know if this is the case with the DMP software?

Thanks again,


No that is not the case. Some current systems like the V880 have internal
fc-al disks with multi-loop capability and these require Veritas's DMP to
manage the paths since you would be most likely booting from these. I don't
know when this plans on being fixed but it is an issue.

Veritas VxVM with DMP will do the job for you (and at no cost due to
A5200!). You will see both devices still but VxVM should show that the disk
has dual paths to it.


Thanks for taking the time to help out. 

Original message: -
I have an E3500 connected to a A5200 via dual FCAL fibre connections.   I
have just installed Solaris 9 for the first time so this may be a stupid
I am presented with dual paths to the disks in the A5200 (seen as 2x the
number disks).  If this was Solaris 7/8, I could install Alternate Pathing
but there does not seem to be a version of this for Solaris 9.  Is it now a
built in component or is there something else I should be using / doing?


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