SUMMARY: Changing ip address on server

From: P Sharma <>
Date: Tue Aug 13 2002 - 16:16:00 EDT
I thank all who helped Maadhav, John, Michael, Randy,

 Gavin, Jason & Hichael.


1) edit /etc/hosts file, change ip to new address.


2) edit /etc/hostname.hme0  (or hostname.le0 , or hostname.hme1, 


   your primary interface is. Change IP and subnet mask to those on the

   new subnet.


2b) if the subnet mask is changing you may also want to edit 



3) you will probably need to change your default gateway, 

   edit /etc/defaultrouter 


4) If you are using NIS and have a different NIS server on the new

   subnet, you will probably need to edit /etc/hosts and put an entry

    for the new NIS server. Then edit 


    or use the command 'ypinit -c'


5) if the new subnet uses a different DNS server then edit 



6) shut down machine. move and attach to new network location.


7) change IP address for the machine in your name resolution scheme

   [ DNS, NIS, or hosts files ]


6) start up machine.


Thanks a lot'PS
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