From: Darren Beale <mail_at_bealers.com>
Date: Mon Aug 12 2002 - 15:10:48 EDT
Thanks to 
John Mitchell, Tony Bourke, Ed Alexander and Doug Winter all of whom
responded saying that I almost certainly have physical disk issues that
will not resolve themselves, although I might be lucky and just have a
loose cable.

other comments of note:

Tony Walsh
"It does look like you have a failing disk. But (depending upon
how much risk you want to take) you do seem to have a mirrored root disk
and therefore could remove the offending dirve and boot off the good one
while you wait for the replacement. I would advise that you separate the
bad drive from the 'good' drive sooner rather than later as you might
eventually get bad data mirrored to the 'good' drive if it keeps on
erroring like you are seeing. This will need you to shutdown the
machine, remove target 0, and roboot off the alternate boot drive."

Kai-Thorsten Hambrecht
"sometimes this may occur when you use a non-SUN hdd, which is not
capable of fast/wide/synchronous transfers. Maybe you want to look at


I'm looking into this last point now. Whatever happens it looks like
I'll be rebuilding that machine.

best regards

Darren Beale
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