SUMMARY: ufsrestore to a new server: the saga continues

From: Blair Rampling <>
Date: Wed Aug 07 2002 - 12:30:32 EDT
I received a number of responses and ended up doing two things to make it

1) Boot to CDROM, mount root disk, rm -rf /etc/path_to_inst /dev/* /devices/*
2) devfsadm -r <mount point for root disk>
3) boot -a and recreate path_to_inst

It boots normally now. Thanks to everyone for all the help over the last few

>>> "Blair Rampling" <> 08/06/02 03:44PM >>>
I have done the following:

create root slice
ufsrestore root slice from old server from tape
installboot to create a boot block
edit /etc/vfstab
edit /etc/system to eliminate MD entries

Now, the system boots but it is unable to find any disks. It claims to want
do a manual fsck but when I boot from the hard disk into single user mode, it
can't find the disks either with fsck or format.

When booting from cd-rom, it finds the disks no problem.

There is obviously something held over from the old system that is stopping
this process from working, but I can't figure out what it is. The old system
is a V880 and the new system is a v480.

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