SUMMARY: Partition mounting ...

From: Debbie Tropiano <>
Date: Mon Aug 05 2002 - 18:41:17 EDT
And Jay Lessert wins with the correct fix in 17 minutes!!!  :-)

> Try:
> /usr/sbin/static/cp
> /usr/sbin/static/ln
> /usr/sbin/static/mv
> /usr/sbin/static/rcp
> /usr/sbin/static/tar
> If that gets you out of it, it's simpler than mounting one side of the
> mirror and re-syncing.

Thanks so much!!

Henrik Mortensen and Stephen Barnett both pointed me to the disksuite
device information that should be in /etc/lvm/ but doesn't seem
to be on my system (need to look into that).

The original message:
> Help!!
> One of my "power" users managed to mess up the /var/ld/ld.config
> file on my Solaris 8 system so now we are unable to run any
> dynamically linked executables.  I am able to boot single user
> but cannot run mv or rm to fix the problem.
> Thus my current plan is to boot from the install CD to single
> user, mount /var and fix things.  I've successfully booted from
> the install CD, but now am having difficulties mounting /var.
> I am unsure of the device to use...
> My system is a V880 with disks mirrored via disksuite.  The /var
> partition is /dev/md/dsk/d8.  Can someone help me figure out what
> to mount so that I can remove that file and get my system operational
> again?  Alternately if someone can suggest another fix, let me know.

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