[Summary]nisplus to nisplus with compatibility mode

From: Please Sun <sunsolve_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Mon Aug 05 2002 - 02:11:32 EDT
Dear admin,

	Thanks to Charles Gagnon.

<<< Questions: >>>
We want to integrate linux on our existing Solaris
environment. However, nisplus (client) is not supported
on redhat 7.2/7.3. Then, we will reinstall our NIS+
server to turn on compatibility mode.
My question is,

a) Any disadvantage using NIS+ with compatibility mode
b) On Security point of view, NIS+ with compatilbiliy mode
   Vs Pure NIS, which better ?
c) How to enhance security on NIS+ on compatibility mode
d) Any other tips/alternative/recommendation

Is there any good resources for setup heterogeneous unix
environment (Solaris and Redhat linux), such as maillist,
web sites, ... recommend ...

<<<From Charles :>>>
a) You lose a lot of the security features of NIS+ since anyone can
   bind using a NIS client.
b) Pretty much similar. It basically bring down the security of NIS+
   down to NIS level.


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