SUMMARY: How many inodes?

From: Deborah Santomauro <>
Date: Wed Jul 31 2002 - 08:16:47 EDT
Great responses! Thanks to the following for taking the time:

Darren Dunham 
Jim Vandevegt
Justin Stringfellow
Jay Lessert
Vern Walls
Robert Brockway
Simon-Bernard Drolet
John Riddoch
Johan Hartzenberg
William Kwan

You guys hit it right on...."vxfs is dynamic" and so basically the "inodes are 
created on the fly" and this would be the reason why "'df' does not work" (only 
does so with ufs). So one answer to the question of how many inodes for vxfs, is 
'as many as it needs'. As Darren mentioned, "there is eventually a limit" and I 
would think that would be related to disk space.

Some of the responses were:
(Jim Vandevegt)
"It's easiest to say that inodes are dynamic in VxFS. It really doesn't use 
them. It creates them to be compatible with UFS. VxFS uses extent-based 
allocation rather than the block-based UFS controlled by inodes."

(Darren Dunham)
"VxFS does not have a fixed number of indodes as UFS does.  They can be
created on the fly as needed.  So df doesn't display them. There is eventaully a 
limit, but it is very large."

(Robert Brockway)
"Are you sure they even have inodes?  Not all filesystems reference data this 
way (although all tradional unix filesystems certainly do).  I'm honestly not 
sure about vxfs."

(Simon Bernard Drolet)
"Under vxfs, the number of inode is dynamic... I don't have a vxfs in
front of me, have you tried df -e ?"


Is there a way of finding out how many inodes there are in a system?

OS is Solaris 8/Veritas Volume Manager used

Note: df -F ufs -o i works well for ufs file systems but not for filesystems 
created with Veritas (vxfs) I definitely am missing something....

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