SUMMARY: Blade 1000 / Solaris 8 beeping

From: Marcelino Mata <>
Date: Tue Jul 30 2002 - 17:34:51 EDT
Thanks to Justin Stringfellow from SUN for pointing out the hardware
difference between Blade/USB workstation versus the U10/U60 based

Seems the beeper speaker on U10/U60 was located on the keyboard so the sound
seems louder.  Blade100/1000/2000 use internal speakers and you have to be
more careful were the box is located.  It does not appear that the CDE audio
control (/usr/dt/bin/sdtaudio) controls the beep volume on Ultra 10/60 or
Blade workstations (maybe on GNOME 2.0 or OpenWindows?).  

I do know that the CDE audio control under our IBM AIX 4.3.3/CDE
workstations controls the beeper volume.  Maybe we were too quick to EOF our
IBM's and only purchase SUN's :-)


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Subject: Blade 1000 / Solaris 8 beeping

Sun managers,

I have one user who's productivity is reduced if he can not hear the beep
well from the internal Blade 1000 speaker.  His main application uses the
beep for a lot of the user feedback.  He has the speaker side facing away
from him and the unit is right beside the monitor.  I noticed that the
default volume on the Blade 1000 is much lower than Ultra 60 or Ultra 10's.
I had to agree with him that it was much more difficult to hear the beep
versus our existing U10/U60's.  I also noticed that the CDE audio control
does not increase the volume settings.  The volume setting only allows you
to shut-off the volume.  

Does anyone know if the volume on internal speaker is as high as it can be
or if this problem is a CDE/Solaris 8 or Blade 1000 hardware issue?  

All else failing I will have to ask the user to re-organize his desk so the
speaker side directly faces him.  The problem with that solution is that it
will increase the fan noise from the box.  The system has been patched so
the fan speed is not at the maximum.   

Running Solaris 8 10/00

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