SUMMARY:restrict user access

From: Carl Ma <>
Date: Sat Jul 27 2002 - 12:25:32 EDT

Thanks for the responses from

James Edward
Ivan Fetch
Marc Alvidrez
Marcelo Maraboli
Ric Anderson

Most people recommend Proftp from and Ivan is very kind to send 
me a sample configuration. Definitely, I will try Proftp. Some people also 
mentioned the class usage in wu-ftpd can also do the trick. Thanks for all the 

My temporary solution is writing a ftp wrapper, which checks the username & 
connection before starting the real ftpd daemon. That works too.

Thanks & have a good weekend,


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Subject: restrict user access

Hello all,

Except tcp wrap, can I restrict the incoming ftp connection from one
host as one user, which means this user can do ftp only from this machine?
such features available at os level, in wu-ftp or other ftp software? we are

using solaris 8 in NIS environment. I will summarize if solution available.

Thanks in advance

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