SUMMARY: Legato backing up NFS mounts from NetApp Filer

From: Chris Denneen <>
Date: Thu Jul 25 2002 - 12:23:42 EDT

1. You need to add the client that will have the mount points to Legato.
2. You must change the Saveset section:
	remove 'All'
	add individually each nfs mount
3. for NetApp backup only
	specify Directives for each mountpoint with
	skip: .snapshot
	so you aren't backing up 8x as much data
4. change the clients directives to the newly created Directives 
	in step 3.
5. Now what we did is we made the export mounts from the NetApp exactly
the same on the Solaris box.
6. Backup and Restore 
	change /etc/vfstab 
	(to mount the one from the NetApp and comment out mounting the local
	then do backup
	change /etc/vfstab again
	(to mount the local machine as the same mountpoints and comment out the
ones for the NetApp)
	and do a Full Restore.
	This way you don't have to change where you want the files restored to
because it looks the same.

This process is very time consuming with alot of data.

But it works.

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