SUMMARY: Sun USB-input devices

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Date: Wed Jul 24 2002 - 06:02:04 EDT
Thanks to the following people who replied to my query about Sun-USB input

Carsten Bveddicker (
Martin Hepworth (
William Enestvedt (
John Martinez (
Bob Brown (

Carsten, John and Bob all suggested connecting a terminal via the serial
port instead. Normally this would be a suitable solution but, unfortunately,
due to the way our system is setup and the requirements of the customer we
need a unit *in* the rack which can operate through a KVM. I don't think
using the serial port will allow us to do that.

William indicated that he has had similar problems trying to find a device
for serial interfaces. He wondered whether one even existed.

John directed me to Rose Electronics and also thought that Sun had
advertised a USB unit in the past. We have since had contact from Sun who
have confirmed that they expect to have a rack-mountable USB
keyboard/monitor/KVM unit available in about a month! No word on prices yet

Thanks again to all who replied.

My original question was:

Does anyone know of a 19" rack-mountable keyboard (preferably with a
trackball or touchpad device) which is compatible with the Sun-USB
interface? We have several Sun Fire 280R servers which require
rack-mountable keyboards but are having trouble locating any which will work
with Sun's USB ports.

The only possible solution we've come across so far is a 1U unit from
Neuro-Logic Systems but, after a conversation with someone at Sun's Special
Products Group, it turns out that this is incompatible after all.

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