SUMMARY : managing lot of Solaris hosts

From: Zeev Fisher <>
Date: Wed Jul 24 2002 - 02:35:07 EDT
First thanks everyone for your quick and interesting reply.

The consensus was to use cfgengine :

Also from John Riddoch :

"As for patches, I wouldn't worry too much about ensuring single user mode
for clients; I've managed OK in the past and used a perl script to handle
the updates (you can get it from if you want to look).  The
script isn't overly secure, but it worked.  There's a link to another script
which you can try if you want"

Also from David A Stewart :

"We have several hundred suns.

I have a master workstation for each different kernel architecture. I 
load patches, make changes on the master workstation and then use 
rsysc to update the other workstations overnight.

The rsync files are built automatically from a database (flat ascii file).

This has worked well for years (previously used rdist instead of rsyc).

Your "client" workstations need a ".rhosts" file with an entry for the 
master workstation (we use a cron job to put in place and then remove it).

You need to be careful in designing the rsync scripts because some 
files are workstation specific."

My original question :

>I'm looking for an efficiant way to manage ( OS version & patches aspect 
>) lot of Solaris servers and clients
>Our engineers have Blade100 or other Solaris machine ( something like 
>few ~200 ) on their desks which suppose to be similar in their 
>configuration and also we have Solaris servers for the computing itself.
>Is there a good way for keeping the machine up to date with patches 
>except install on each machine the patches every time seperatly ( going 
>to single user , install , reboot  ) ?
>I thought of doing them ( the clients - Blade100 , etc ) diskless 
>clients but every one of them needs a seperate directory on the server 
>so i will need huge disks for all the clients and also it will cause lot 
>of network traffic
>Any interesting idea ?
>Thanks a lot.

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